How Do You Keep it Together?

It is my vow to keep a clear and level head this week, even though it’s a ‘big one’. We all have big weeks, and they look a little different for everyone. When I was teaching it was usually the weeks that involved the new year starting, or exams, or excursions. Those were the weeks when I would look ahead with anticipation and wonder ‘What will my life look like when this is all done and dusted?!’

Big weeks can take all shapes and forms, and maybe you can identify a ‘big week’ in your life. Some of them are planned, like Christmas, sowing or harvest, while others just have this ability to rear up at any given time…I’m thinking if there is an unexpected turn of events or bump in the road.  I have been working hard at developing my new mindset, where I get my head in shape before the week begins and take some time to prepare my body for what could be a demanding week on my time and energy. And I hope that should something be thrown at me in life, big or small, that these same strategies will serve me well.

It’s in these ‘big weeks’ (and for me the organisation of two Grease and Oil Change events is about as big as I want it to get) that I know I can’t plan for everything. I have been that person – who thinks that if I write a big enough list then I can’t possibly be shocked or thrown sideways with an unexpected change – but that was when I was gripping onto things just a bit too firmly. I left very little wriggle room for change or creativity (or enjoyment!) and I certainly limped to the line each time I got through a big week.

Back in my days on the Trundle Bush Tucker Day Committee, I was so tightly wound that the smallest change could set me off. Raffle tickets didn’t arrive on time? Well look out! If one of the caterers didn’t turn up (this is frequent out west) then I would quietly melt down. I had very little resilience and no fuel in the tank to cope when things took a nose dive.

So here I sit at the computer on a lovely sunny Sunday (yes, I am getting out there very shortly) but it is a good chance for me to share the things that I do every day, not just in the ‘big weeks’ that I have found really help. My checklist of reminders changes regularly, and I have written these ideas down and stuck it on my set of drawers – just in case I get in such a funk that I can’t remember how to get out of it! It’s not a ‘tick it off’ kind of list but just somethings I can refer to when I feel like I need to give myself a pep talk and remember that this is my life and I get to choose how I spend it.

If I feel wobbly I can…

  • Meditate (this looks like sitting on a chair for 5 – 10 minutes and letting thoughts come and go but not getting hung up on them.)
  • Do some yoga (I just lie on my mat sometimes with my arms stretched out and tell myself it’s movement!!)
  • Make myself a chai tea.
  • Eat a piece of fruit…or something…anything actually.
  • Write in my journal about what’s going on. No holes barred here…I just let it rip.
  • Go outside and sit. Actually this could probably be turned into ‘Go outside and walk in the stock route.’
  • Read something substantial. 

And have a look at the words of wisdom from Seth Godin that popped into my inbox after writing this newsletter…“You could make the choice to actually work to amplify your fear of the negative outcome instead of working on the real problem. But you can’t do both at the same time. Either you’re amplifying your worry or you’re working on a solution to the problem.”

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