Let’s Get Better Acquainted

This week we’re getting better acquainted with Kate Mudge. She is a Trundle girl (I know!!) and has started a very special project called ‘Sewing for Lattes’ which was created with the simple hope of helping people smile.

Kate has recently had a bit of time on her hands and has started making beautiful clutches for loved ones. Sewing is not a natural skill for Kate – she had never even touched a sewing machine before this project began (not even at Trundle Central School!) She much prefers to socialise and enjoy the company of others, preferably with a drink in hand!

Kate is quick to acknowledge that she is not sewing for Prada (so in Kate’s mind her handiwork still has room for improvement) but she is creating a much bigger impact than just the clutches themselves – she is sewing for others, for their coffee, their G&T’s and for a whole lot of love.

Each clutch has its own little story – some have been made in the daylight, some made under the moonlight and some made while under the influence! If you follow along, Kate is on Instagram@sewingforlattes and here you will catch a snippet of the beautiful people who inspire Kate and who she connects with over each hand made clutch.

Oh and one last thing  – kind of the clincher – because everyone loves being a good person, hello yes we do, each clutch Kate sells results in a random act of kindness being passed on to a stranger…this is often a fellow buddy of Kate’s in the Oncology unit, or perhaps it’s Joe Blow strolling down town in his stubbies and bare feet. Either way, this is a story and a girl that will lift you up today and bring a smile to your dial.

And now it’s over to you Kate…

Most thought about thought: How do we make today better than yesterday?

Previous conditions/ ailments/ medical history: My medical history is a long one. My only advice is to ladies of ALL ages to check your boobs and love your body.

Golden hour: Any time after coffee.

Favourite tipple: G&T.

Last meal: A smoothie.

Personal hygiene/ beauty regime: I clean my face before bed, moisturise with essential oils, get into some dry brushing, drink lots of water, apply sunscreen/zinc, put on brow powder & maybe tinted moisturiser. Less is best.

One thing you always throw into the shopping trolley: Avocado and tea bags (that’s two things!)

Current girl crush: Moana Hope, a top female AFLW player.

Current boy crush: Richard Fidler, from Conversations on ABC.

Favourite line that sticks with you: “You get what you get and you don’t get upset.”

Thing that brings out the best in you: Exercise, meditation and being with my people.

Gadget to beat all gadgets: The iPhone Podcast App.

Most recent change you made: Celery juice first thing in the morning.

Best news ever received: “Your passport has been approved.”

Thing that confuses you the most: Politics and greediness.

Question that you are most often asked: “Why did you shave your head?”

Your current job description: Retired, relaxed and where every day is a holiday.

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