Big Talk Walks

I’m kicking off a little concept called ‘Big Talk Walks’ here in Forbes. It’s going to be a get together – walking for an hour – once a month with people who want more big talk, rather than small talk, in their life.

Each month we will pick a simple theme, arrange a time and place to meet and then walk and talk about whatever comes to mind.

It’s free, no membership required, no equipment needed (other than comfy walking shoes) and everyone is welcome. Yep all ages, genders, sizes, shapes, race and breed.

It’s a pretty simple concept, based loosely on an idea I heard Jackie Carr speak about, but the outcomes could be pretty big in terms of opening up and exploring our vulnerable sides. Not to mention creating a community of supporters and hand holders (literally).

Themes I have been dabbling with include:

-How Much Money Do I Really Need?
-Building Connections
-Your Home, Your Sanctuary
-Saying “No”
-Who Puts the Bins Out?
-All of My (Mum’s) Stuff
-The Comparison Trap
-Till Death Do Us Part

So stay tuned and we’ll hit the footpath once a month.

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