My Life Without Social Media

It’s been exactly three weeks today since I signed off – for the very last time – from Instagram. It was the final social media platform that I was gripping on to and the one that had probably brought me the most joy (and angst at the same time.) It outlasted my Twitter account, not to mention Facebook, both of which I had ditched some time ago.

So what’s life like now with no social media? Let me take you through the highs and lows of the past 21 days, just to articulate my new life without lurking. For some of you who have never fallen under the spell of Instagram, you might find it hard to relate but hang in there because these feelings and observations are real and it’s been so interesting to feel all of the feelings while being on the outer of social media.

So in the three weeks since I gave up Instagram, here’s what I have been mulling over:

The lows:

Old habits die hard and I am still weaning myself off this feeling. So there is a lot of head noise when it comes to my phone use.
I still grab my phone regularly, but I literally have nothing to do with it. There are only so many times one can check a banking app.
My doubting thoughts have been ‘Will people be able to find out about The Back Room? Will The Back Room business take a hit now that I am not on social media?’ And the answer is ‘Probably’ at least in the short term.
Oh and ‘Will I still be cool?’
If people can’t find out about The Back Room on social media, then I will need to get my message out to the world in other ways…and these are not free or instant.
And lastly, I have no idea what is going on in the world.

The highs:

Firstly, I have no idea what is going on in the world.
I get an hour (at least) of my life back every day.
My day begins with a sense of calm…especially now that I don’t check my text messages till after breakfast.
Lenny is not pestering me for my attention (“Hang on mate, I’m just* posting something on social media” did not seem to cut it with a three year old.)
I have one less ‘job’ to do in my day (Instagram had become a chore for me.)
When I see friends I am hearing their news for the first time. And I am genuinely interested – because you can’t scroll past a friend.
The comparison trap no longer holds me captive. I haven’t a clue what anyone else is doing and therefore no idea what I am, or am not, missing out on.
I am putting my efforts into this here newsletter – instead of trying to be witty and engaging in two different places, I can just save all of my jokes for here. I know…
The relief of not being on Instagram far outweighs ticket sales to events in The Back Room.
I am going back to old school communication – yep, I have met with The Advocate to advertise in the paper, I am looking into flyers and a letter drop, and of course I am developing a website. 
Unlike Instagram, these new ways of communicating my message are taking time to create. There is no quick solution to building a website, and designing ads is a new experience for me. I feel totally out of my depth but my hand is being held by some amazing and competent women. It may not ‘Instant’ but it is ‘Enjoyable’.
Without Instagram, there is simply no temptation to shop online.
Without Instagram I am coming back to my old self. The one that knew life before social media and who looked others in the eye when we spoke.

* Every time I use the word ‘just’ I feel like I am apologising. So either I stop saying it or I stop doing the thing that I feel the need to apologise for. So from here on in “I am just picking my nose” becomes “I am picking my nose”. No excuses.

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