How to Spend a Couple of Days…

How to spend a couple of days…in Forbes. (I bet you didn’t see that coming!!)

Now I am not a tourism operator, nor am I am expert on everything that is going on around the place, but lately I have been thinking about why I love living where I do. We might not have the bright lights of the city, thankfully, but we have the community and the environment and the spaces that fill me up.

Bear with me as I imagine being a tourist in my own town…

So if I didn’t have my own house, I would begin by booking into Girragirra. You could just stay here for a couple of days and everything that had you perplexed will now be crystal clear. But seriously…after hanging around there for a few hours – probably in the bath or talking to owners Wendy & Kim (or both…separately!) I would head into town for a look about.

With any visit to any town, it is important to establish feeding points early – any itinerary of mine is based solely around food – so here are a few of my top picks, in no particular order. (Oh yes, they are in order of the time of the day I would eat there…)

The Bakehouse – their Eggs Benedict and a Golden Chai is quite the combo for breakfast. This place is so kid friendly that I am often tempted to send Lenny in by himself, with the confidence that he will be served up his standard Baby Cino and a date scone and be totally fine in the toy corner for a couple of hours.

Lakeside for an early lunch – probably something along the lines of their fresh salad bowl or a curry as the weather starts to cool down. Do not judge a cafe by it’s exterior – Lakeside might look a little 1990’s but it is all going on in there.

You could pack a picnic for the afternoon/ evening and throw in some goodies from Peck and Graze and head to the water…

…which is where the next stop on the tour of Forbes takes us – to our dreamy Lake (well actually there is a section that’s a little bit stinky but you just walk a bit quicker up that end.) The presence of water does something to the soul and it’s where I go to stroll, say a quick hello to fellow walkers and take in the open spaces. Part of this Lake walk incorporates the Wiradjuri Dreaming Centre and it is a sight for sore eyes – with sculptures along the water and an outdoor amphitheatre & sitting spot under the Belah trees. It’s a beautiful addition to the already stunning lake and I am so happy to live in a town that is working towards cultural inclusivity and awareness.

If time permits, I would probably slip away for some quiet time and catch a flick at the World’s Smallest Cinema. Sure, the movies arrive in town a few months after they have hit the box office, but it’s such a cute little theatre and the seats are comfy! 

Of course there are museums, cute shops and three second hand stores to peruse…yes, there’s Vinnies, The Sunshine Club and The Salvos, so you never know what you might pick up! (I have found that patience is the key when trying to jag a vintage bargain so best leave any family members fishing on the river so you can take your sweet time.)

And how are we going for time? I think that probably will do…we don’t want to over do it! And isn’t that the magic of living in the bush? Knowing when to walk or stroll, rather than feeling the need to sprint.

I hope this inspires you to think of your own place in terms of being a visitor. What are the activities that light you up and how can you spend more time doing those with the people you love? 

Thanks so much for tuning in this week – it means a lot to have you reading along.

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