A Couple of Ripsnorters

Today I want to let you know about two ripsnorter events that are coming up in The Back Room.

The first…
Fancy a 44 year old (that’s me) and a 22 year old (that’s Danica Bart) getting together to make magic! I am so thrilled to be supporting Danica and hosting a wonderful evening in The Back Room.
In keeping with the theme of talking big and bold and with honesty, Danica and I are holding a Women’s Well-Being evening. It’s on Friday May 3 and we see it as a chance to change up our traditional Friday night out.

Under the guidance of Danica and I, the evening will involve studied and applied practices that elevate the mind, body and spirit. Activities will include pranayama or breath work, the sharing of beliefs and studies, physical movement to music, setting intentions and affirmations, partner massage and guided meditation.

Tickets are available through Danica on 0402 220 138 and you can send me an email at cheriequade@hotmail.com if you have any questions.

The second event is on May 18 and this one is showcasing women from our local area. Jayne McMillan, original founder of Eat Your Greens, Steph Hughes, owner and director of Hughes and Co Lawyers and Conveyancing and I are going to be sharing our stories from an early age to our current stages (we’ve got the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s covered!)

The three of us are very excited – slash – nervous to be speaking about matters of the heart but we have been inspired by other women of late and see this as our turn to see what our message might mean to others in our community. This is a brave move…we’re all having sleepless nights in the lead up…but feeling oh so right.

You can find out more, and purchase your ticket, by clicking on this link: Pop ‘Round for a Cuppa

If you don’t feel comfortable, for whatever reason, purchasing a ticket online then please give me a buzz and I can sort it easily from my end. Phone or text me on 0411057745

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