The Trick To Finding Your People

I began writing this newsletter with the intention of writing about creating a club… a book club in fact. And look, I even picked an image to go with that theme. But each time I sat down to write about starting a book club – you know, picking a venue, working out a regular time to catch up, inviting like minded friends etc etc, – it just seemed a bit too frivolous.

Anyone can start a bookclub – google it – there’s nothing tricky about picking a book and getting a few mates together to talk about it. It’s a case of creating an opportunity to find your tribe and that’s where the magic lies.

I started thinking (as I often have) about why something like a bookclub is so appealing. Why surrounding yourself with people that light you up and get you thinking about the big issues in life is so important. I couldn’t care less if you do it over a book or over a slippery dip, the important thing is that you find your people and you do it sooner rather than later.

I feel like I spent a large part of my life hanging out (actually trying to hang out) with people who weren’t really my people. I turned myself into someone else to try and fit in (and I also did a lot of drinking and other unhealthy stuff to try and find my people.) I think that was because I didn’t really know myself first, to then be able to work out who the right people were for me to hang around.

I used to worry about only having such few friends…numbers were low, quality was high. Throughout Uni and teaching, I had it in my mind that lots of friends meant lots of good times, memories, invitations and happiness. 

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