Take a Chair

It’s been two weeks since the last newsletter – and I bet you didn’t even miss it!

I did…and I didn’t. I do love making connections through the newsletter but it is really nice to have a break from doing the same thing week in, week out. 

So let’s catch up…

Have you guys ever thought of doing yoga sitting down? I was always under the impression that to do yoga you at least had to be flexible enough to get down on a mat…and if you got there then you surely had to be able to get back up.
This sounds great in theory, but for many the idea of doing yoga on a mat doesn’t sound that fun. There’s that issue of getting down and then back up, but what about the sweat factor? Do I really have to puff for yoga to be beneficial? And the whole getting changed into workout gear? Sometimes I just cannot be bothered.

Well do I have some news for you…

It turns out that doing yoga on a chair is one of the most accessible way for loads of people to experience all the benefits of yoga. And I don’t want to hear your “But you have to stand up to do yoga properly” talk. I am here to tell you that you don’t. The whole foundation of yoga is that it is a practice to prepare the body for meditation. We’re simply practicing postures that prepare our body for stillness and to tune in. How lovely is that?!

I spent four days of training in Canberra for Chair Yoga – the photo up top is of the class of yoga teachers . I picture teaching chair yoga in the corporate space – hello lunch time yoga in the meeting room; in The Back Room – it’s got your name on it Mum – and perhaps even taking chair yoga to our smaller communities. (I’m not a ‘go-go gadget arms’ so I will be choosing to run these new classes slowly and with lots of intention.)

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