Meet Jayne and Steph

I think I might have the perfect Mother’s Day present…read on! 

This week we are getting better acquainted with two women who are local to this area. Both are going to be popping round for a cuppa on Saturday, May 18 and sharing their take on life….their own life in fact! The philosophy behind this gathering is that there are so many awesome women in our community, so why not have a yarn with them? (We don’t need to go to Sydney to see speakers, or to have written a book, or seek out those that are famous, to find relatable and inspiring conversations.)

I have a feeling it will be one of those special mornings, so feel free to outsource morning sport, put the domestics on pause, tell the sheep you’ll feed them after lunch and prepare yourself to be nurtured. We’ll be sharing endless cups of tea, brunch thanks to Eat Your Greens (and if you feel like real coffee then maybe drop into Lakeside on your way out!)

Over to you Jayne…

“A couple of things, firstly that being able to stay home while my boys were little was such a treasure. And, it’s amazing what you can do when you put your mind to it… it still blows me away that Neil and I were able to create the business (Eat Your Greens) we did when we were so green(!!) It’s all about passion and knowing you can do anything if you desire…and most of all, ignore the sceptics.”

And Steph…

“I help people with the most exciting things happening in their lives – whether it be good or bad. And I get to be their confidante and guide post while they achieve whatever it is they are working through.”

“ And I LOVE life!!! Even when its F’ing hard! Everything happens for a reason – even the crap stuff. Quality over quantity and finally, if making money was easy, then everyone would have it!”

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