My ‘True North’…

What Does That Actually Mean?

We had a very memorable morning in The Back Room on Saturday, when 27 girls (including a four month old, two teens and many in their 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and 70’s) came together to catch up.

I was fortunate to interview the equally fabulous and generous Jayne McMillan and Steph Hughes, and one of the questions posed was ‘How do you follow your ‘true north’ and manage the turbulence that comes your way?’ The question contained a lot of mixed metaphors/ geographical references and was a very wordy way of ultimately asking ‘How do you stay true to yourself?’

Both Jayne and Steph said that their path ahead is not always clear, but having an idea of themselves is certainly what holds them in good stead and will help them to see their path unfold – in whatever shape or form. So my take home message became ‘How well do I know myself? Am I pretending to be someone else?’ If I am, then I am certainly not following my true north. 

I really feel like it was the theme for the gathering and of course it’s now become something that I am keen to explore more. 

In a practical sense, this means that I have come to realise, to accept and to love many things about myself including:
– I prefer small gatherings, fewer people and in daylight hours.
– Rather than fixing others, I will spend that time looking after myself.
– Travel & adventure bring me joy but I think it’s new experiences, rather than getting on a plane (apologies Greece.)
– Saying ‘no thanks’ is currently bringing me more joy than any other word(s) in the dictionary. 
– My path will always be full of opportunities to learn, to teach and to share – not all at the same time and not always in public.
– My friendship group/ people I socialise with/ those I love is fluid and some will come and some will go. 

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