The Latest Recommendations

These are the various ways that I keep connected with the outside world. They may have some unwanted side effects (addictions, tendency to think you are an expert in all manner of fields, time wasting etc) but I am going with all things in moderation.

Book: Well it’s not the “Barefoot Investor for Families” (I tried so hard to commit but it was too much for me in the end) so I took up Kate Morton’s “The Clockmaker’s Daughter.”
What’s so great about it? This is not my go-to genre but I have been pleasantly surprised. It flicks back and forth, from back in time to the present day, and so once I got the hang of the rhythm I settled in nicely. The descriptions of Birchwood Manor and surrounds is delightful and I am truly taken there. I have a hard copy if anyone wants it.

Podcast: Goop. 
What’s so great about it? My favourite ep so far is with Valerie Jarrett and is called ‘Letting Perfectionism Go’. By all accounts, Valerie is a real leader – she was a big part of the Obama team – and this showed me how you can lead with courage, while still figuring it out along the way. And single mums…that is just a whole ‘nother story of admiration.

TV Series: Catastrophe on ABC iview
What’s so great about it? Sharon Horgan is one of may favourite female leads at the moment. She is Irish and no nonsense (actually she is quite mad, so go figure!) 

Eating: Rice
What’s so great about it? I have completely lost my cooking mojo so I very little to report in the way of inspiration. So it’s 101 ways with rice in this house – until someone locates my interest in cooking that seems to have gone wayward.

Drinking: Various combos of ‘Love Tea’
What’s so great about it? It’s a beautiful smooth taste with real little flowers so I feel very virtuous and calm at the same time. I have been having the ‘Sleep’ blend after my bath and I think the combo is having the desired effect.

Song: Gangnam Style
What’s so great about it? Hearing Lenny sing the chorus “Hey….Grandad’s crazy” (instead of “Hey…Sexy lady”) woop, woop, woop” is the magic. This song came out right around when Bill and I were married in 2012 so I have fond memories of friends gyrating to it on the dance floor. I am trying to teach Lenny the moves, while simultaneously teaching myself how to floss.

Garden hack: Visiting Mayfield Gardens
What’s so great about it? This place is a jaw dropper, and while the opportunity is there to walk away feeling a bit like ‘That’s not really possible at our place”, I do love the idea of mass plantings and lots of trees. Give me 40 years and we’ll see…

Blog post(s): Jocelyn K Glei
What’s so great about it? It’s short and sharp and has lots of great links to more interesting articles about creativity and finding meaning. I almost unsubscribed last week and then a new little beauty arrived in my inbox. Phew, that was close.

In real life (IRL) event: A cuppa at The Butcher’s Brew in Trundle
What’s so great about it? Well for starters it’s in Trundle, so you will come away feeling loved (and a lot smarter than when you arrived.) Secondly, this place is a little bit of spunk in the Central West. It’s the old Butcher’s Shop turned lovingly, over months and months of blood sweat and tears, into a perfect little space. We stayed for three hours last Friday morning. The food is delicious, amazingly good value and the staff are just the right amount of friendly. Click here to see their opening hours: Butcher’s Brew

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