Pop ‘Round for Another Cuppa

Allow me to introduce two wonderful women from our region, Sarah Ryan and Jane Reid, who will be coming along to The Back Room on Saturday June 15 for a morning cuppa and chat. This is an intimate conversation with real women, with brunch and cuppa in hand. Here’s a sneaky peak from the girls, giving us a little insight into their lives.

Firstly, let’s hear from Mrs Sarah Catherine Ryan:

Most thought about thought: I wish it would rain (but a couple of weeks ago it was ‘I wonder who will sit on the Iron Throne?’)

Medical history: All the boring ones: Chicken pox, German measles, umbilical hernia, gall bladder removed, and the usual stitching up those pesky tears after childbirth. Never broken a bone though!

Favourite tipple: Prosecco or beer in summer, Shiraz or port in winter.

Last meal: Miso soup with broccolini, cauliflower, oyster sauce and chilli.

Beauty regime: Exfoliate weekly, oil cleanser and moisturiser. And use a tongue scraper every day.

One thing you always throw into the shopping trolley: Rice crackers & cashews.

Current girl crush: Clemmie from ‘Mother of Daughters’ Instagram account.

Current boy crush: Oliver Jeffers.

Favourite line that sticks with you: “This too shall pass.”

Thing that brings out the best in you: Making art.

Gadget to beat all gadgets: Scissors and sticky tape. But I do love my new veggie peeler.

Most recent change you made: I have started yoga with online videos.

Best news ever received: Both “It’s a girl!” and “It’s a boy!”

Thing that confuses you the most: How my son doesn’t feel weird walking around with one shoe on.

Question that you are most often asked: “How are the candles going?”

Your current job description(s): Laundress at “Richmond”, candlestick maker and casual teacher.

The philosophy behind what you currently do: Set the bar low.

Anything else you would like to add Sarah? Some rain would be nice.

And let’s hand it over to Jane Elizabeth Reid (who is pictured above) 

Most thought about thought: Wondering if I’m doing this “mum thing” right. I find the balance between career and motherhood very challenging.

Your brief medical history: Childhood asthma, fractured wrist and fractured elbow and a stint with mercury poisoning.

Favourite tipple: Any Marlborough Sauv Blancs… I also do enjoy a cheeky Mojito when on holidays!

Beauty Regime: Very basic beauty routine…. I use a good low tox face cleanser, followed by a good low tox moisturiser, then apply a little Inika foundation, eyeliner and mascara. That’s about it. Oh and obviously teeth, hair and deodorant. I love Grant’s toothpaste and Moo Goo deodorant for anyone slightly interested.

One thing you always throw into the shopping trolley: Yoghurts for the kids… they all have their favourite brands and we seem to consume a lot of it!

Current girl crush: Jacinda Ardern – what an amazing leader with genuine humility.

Current boy crush: Dr Zach Bush (google him!) His intelligence truly swept me off my feet, and something about his voice is a bit sexy…after chatting to Cyndi O’Meara at her presentation in Young last year, she apparently also shares this same boy crush so I’m not the only one!

Favourite line that sticks with you: “You don’t know what you don’t know”. It reminds me to always keep my mind open and receptive to new ideas.

Thing that brings out the best in you: Positive like-minded people.

Most recent change you have made: We built a home on our property at Crowther last year, so moving from our house in town to our newly built house on the farm 4 days before Christmas (and hosting Christmas) was a massive change (and slightly stressful I should add).

Best news ever received: After being convinced that I had lost both pregnancies while pregnant with Maeve and Lani (my two youngest), then being told both times by the sonographer that there was a strong healthy heartbeat. BEST NEWS EVER x 2!!

Thing that confuses you the most: Why some people can be so apathetic about real world problems.

Question that you are most often asked: “What’s for dinner mum?”

Your current job description: Operating an online organic fruit and vegetable delivery business. I love connecting country people with fresh organic produce. Pure and simple.

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