Recommendations From A Friend (For The Winter Days)

Crank up the heater, stick another log on the fire and pour yourself a nice cuppa. Here are a few of my current favourite bits and bobs… 

Book: An excerpt from the bookWhat Do We Need Men For? A Modest Proposal, by E. Jean Carroll
What’s so great about it? Ooh this is full on. Oh and the fact that Donald Trump is still the President of the US is infuriating. Imagine living there. I find it terribly unfair and continue to ask anyone who’ll listen “Why can’t they get rid of him?”

Another Book: The Book You Wish Your Parents Had Read; And Your Children Will Be Glad You Did
What’s so great about it? The role of parenting has been very challenging for me lately, for a whole host of reasons, so I jumped at this book and inhaled it. This is a big picture take on parenting and relates a lot of it to your own experiences in childhood. I had so many light bulb moments I nearly blew a filament. 

Podcast: Wilosophy with Clementine Ford
What’s so great about it? This is a corker – well Clementine shines and Will Anderson could have stayed mute and it still would have been a jaw dropper (it did make me realise how difficult it can be for males to speak and ask openly about feminism though.) 

TV Series: Fleabag
What’s so great about it? I’m all about the free stuff these days. Oh and this is Raunchy with a capital ‘R’. You might be a bit gobsmacked in the first episode (or four) but it’s well worth the blushing.

Tucker:Spencer Chocolate
What’s so great about it? Made in Mudgee using beans from Vanuatu – what a combo. This chocolate is a real treat and it comes wrapped in old issues of ‘The Mudgee Guardian’ newspaper. Good on Luke and Thea for making something so delicious and fancy.

Song: ‘You Need to Calm Down’ by Taylor Swift
What’s so great about it? The right amount of bop and a message to boot. She might be copping a bit of flack for this but I love it and the message couldn’t be clearer…

Film Clip: Fanny Lumsden at the Ungarie Pool
What’s so great about it? 
A bit of class at the town pool by this gorgeous country girl. And she happens to be doing another Country Halls Tour and you can see the dates HERE. (Eugowra looks to be my closest venue on Friday September 27.)

Garden hack: Does anyone even have a garden anymore?
What’s so great about it? The fact that you are still maintaining enthusiasm for anything growing outside is a credit to you.

Blog post: Rosie Batty: The private toll of public grief
What’s so great about it? Rosie went quiet and it’s very obvious why. I think she deserves the time to heal without feeling the need to be there for everyone else. It is hard being a ‘fixer’ so I hope Rosie is able to take care of herself now.

In real life event: A four year old’s birthday party.
What’s so great about it? Probably important to clarify that it was MY four year old’s party, which is why it brought me so much joy. The kids were loving life until the jumping castle started to deflate (damn that kettle for tripping the power.) It’s funny to look back now but at the time there was a bit of mild panic as they rushed towards the door. Even toddlers know that it’s every woman and man for themselves.

Image by Pexels from Pixabay 

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