A Workshop in Trundle

It feels like deja vu round here – I’m pretty sure it hadn’t rained this time last year either (or last month, or last week.) 

I have no idea how to make it rain, or how to ease the pain of it not raining, but what I can do is offer up a chance for connection with others. There are so many cliches I could use here but I’ll stick with the notion of community and conversation being the key to helping you out at this time.

Here’s my invitation to hang out in Trundle on August 10. It’s cheap, it’s simple and it’s a bit of time to do something other than worry. I really hope you can come along.

You are all invited to a catch up.

To Connect, Slow Down (and smell the tea leaves)

Saturday August 10 from 9am – 12pm

Trundle CWA Rooms

9am: Chair Yoga

10am: Morning Tea 

10.30am: Circle of Conversation – a sharing of experiences

11.45am: Guided Meditation 

12pm: Close

$15 per person

We will have morning tea together so if you would like to bring something to share it would be appreciated, but certainly not expected.

RSVP to Cherie on 0411057745 or cherie@thebackroomforbes.com

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