Let’s Get Better Acquainted…

Hello my friends,

I would like to introduce you to Mrs Berry. Carmel is the mother and mother-in-law of some of my favourite people and she was also my English teacher at Trundle Central School in my formative teenage years. I now get to hang out with Carmel as a friend, and I just love her.

Over to you Carmel…

Full Name: Carmel Frances Berry

Most thought about thought:
These days it’s what’s on tomorrow or what book will I read next? On a serious note it’s gratitude for family and friends and the country environment and community in which I am privileged to live.

Previous conditions/ ailments/ medical history:
I’m very lucky in this respect having no recurring ailments and with all joints in good working order.

Favourite tipple:
I’ve quite recently been introduced to Pinot Grigio and it’s much nicer than chardonnay so that would be my favourite at the moment.  

My ideal meal:
Delicious takeaway chicken curries.

Personal hygiene/ beauty regime: 
Very basic! Lots of moisturizer and sunscreen and I need some new lipstick. It should include a proper exercise regime but sadly, no.

One thing you always throw into the shopping trolley:
Vegetables but also lolly snakes for husband, George.

Current girl crush(es):
Geraldine Doogue, Emma Thompson and Ash Barty.

Current boy crush(es):
Adam Goodes, David Marr and Trent Dalton.

Favourite line that sticks with you:
I like the simple statement Do your Best because it’s both aspirational and realistic.
Also who could go past the immortal words of the Beatles in Let it Be!

Thing that brings out the best in you:
Of course good sleeping patterns are important but in day to day life it’s the wellbeing associated with having the time to spend with people and the freedom to make choices.

Gadget to beat all gadgets:
Definitely not an iron. Probably a clever little Tupperware device that chops onions without tears.

Most recent change you made:
I’ve switched to muesli instead of toast for breakfast and nice joggers have become acceptable town gear!

Best news ever received:
When our children and grandchildren were born and were healthy.

Thing that confuses you the most:
What on earth is an influencer? To be honest I probably know but the confusing part is how and why this came to be!

Question that you are most often asked:
It used to be When are you going to retire?! Now it’s Are you coming to…?( insert one of the many activities that now fill the week!)

The philosophy behind what you currently do:
It’s important to keep your brain active, have some creative outlet and use your time meaningfully as in embracing travel, but there’s also freedom in doing very little, or nothing at all.

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