I Was Born To Work (But Only On A Part Time Basis)

Here’s a snap from our beautiful Tuesday morning Rejuvenating Yoga class.

Hello my friends,

I’ve spent the past month or so doing a pretty solid assessment of where my time is spent. As the year winds down, I find it’s a great time to sit back and reassess. 

The way I have been conditioned to think about time seems to include the terms ‘full time’ and ‘busy’ along with ‘a lot on’ and ‘I don’t have time’ and that sort of hectic talk. I remember working full time – yes, I did it for about three years in one stint – which was my first teaching job in Leeton. Then I did a bit of part time work for about five years – wineries, teaching casually overseas and Mudgee – and then I had what can only be described now as a meltdown of sorts in 2008 when I again attempted full time work, throwing myself in high heels and all. Since then I have vowed to only work part time.

My body and mind are built for part time work. Working within rigid hours and set days is not great for my health. Whether it’s because I lose interest easily, or that I am always looking for something new to have a peek at, or more than likely that my anxiety rears its head if I don’t get some space and time to myself. The 9 to 5 grind is not for me. I am easily overwhelmed and when I am accountable to a firm or outside employer then it hasn’t ended well in the past. 

So I’m taking time now to plan my ideal week. I have mapped it out, colour coded it – even used an Excel spreadsheet (yikes!) And something that has really helped me is to work out my passions, in order of preference – from most important to least important. Do you want to see my list? 

First is me as a person – my life is number one. My self care (I don’t love that term but it’s pretty perfect) practices come first.
Second is Lenny and Bill – if they’re getting the best of me then we can rock & roll.
Third is Family and Friends – making time to see them in the flesh fills my cup.
Fourth is my paid work & business, which is currently teaching yoga and hosting workshops. 

So as I picture myself next year, I plan on sticking to the hours that best serve me. Sound luxurious? More like a necessity.

Ya’ll have a great week,
Love Cherie

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