Buy FOR the Bush

Here’s our current landscape – between Forbes and Trundle.

This is one of those blog posts that I hope will end up far and wide – kind of like a chain letter back in the day (what was the go with them?! I think I got one from Denmark once – and I’d never even heard of the place! The pressure to keep it going was intense!) 

A little intensity wouldn’t go astray here…

I want to suggest to those family and friends, who live away from the bush, how they can support those living in drought. I took the idea from Buy From the Bush campaign and suddenly I feel way more confident asking outright for money. But rather than this being something that we buy FROM the bush, we are actually buying FOR the bush. 

On behalf of our communities, I am asking for donations to keep the Grease & Oil Change Workshop events humming in 2020 and beyond. These gatherings are a brain and body workshop for rural men and women – highlighting the importance of social get togethers and sharing stories of wellbeing. 

Folks can donate $20, $50, $100, $200, $300 or (bugger it) $500.

All money raised is put back into the people who live in the rural communities of Trundle & Forbes – not to mention all of the little communities in between; Yarrabandai, Corinella, Bedgerabong, Tullamore, Tottenham, Albert, Eugowra, Bogan Gate, Fifield, Parkes, Botfield, (seriously, that was a place once.) 

This is a way of donating directly to an event which supports the mental health of those living through the drought.

Here’s the low down…

By pledging and making a donation to the Grease and Oil Change events, to be held in Trundle and Forbes on Feb 20, 2020, your money will help us cater and pay for the events and at the same time help local businesses in Forbes and Trundle. 

◾️$20 buys fancy tea & coffee for five from @trundle.butchers.brew

◾️$50 buys a lot of slice for smoko from @homemadebykellie

◾️$100 buys a good portion of professional photography services by @holdphotography.

◾️$200 buys accommodation for one of our guest speakers at @girragirra.

◾️$300 buys a truckload of sambos & wraps from @lakesideforbes.

◾️$500 buys a chunk of the speakers’ appearance fees. This year we have Georgie Dent and Craig Hamilton (pictured below.) Both are fabulous speakers and we are excited to have really jumped things up a notch this year. 

Your generosity will be rewarded with a special mention at both events, including your own unique message to our bush communities, should you wish to provide one. (You will need to send me an email to with your message.)

And please note, all monies raised goes directly into the running of these events. All work done at this end, by real people, is purely voluntary.

Ya’ll have a great week,
Love Cherie
PS, please follow the progress at our new Instagram page @greaseandoilchange.

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