My Commitment Statement

I have really loved the idea of writing a Commitment Statement – thanks again to Johanna at Make Do Co for suggesting this little practice. It’s really helping me clarify what the heck I am actually doing round here!

I began writing this statement with The Back Room in my mind – funny how I should go straight to ‘business’ rather than ‘life’ (I don’t see why they should be separate. Surely my business is a reflection of the life I want to lead?! I’m still exploring that one.)

1. Why do you do what you do? Well, I really want to create a beautiful life for me and my family. One that is relatively free from external commitments and rushing. I want to do my life with intention and to thrive while doing it. I do what I do because I value relationships and connection. I value conversation and sharing and I love spending time with others who supply me with energy.

2. What are you committed to? I am committed to this life of mine and doing what I can to make it as fulfilling as possible. I am committed to working through (or out of) difficult times, into more satisfying times, and knowing that “Everything is always working out for me” (thanks for the reminder Oprah.)

3. Why? Because not everything has a plan and the harder I try and create my own plan, the more challenging things are. I believe that my path, and that of those around me, is already sorted – the big picture stuff anyway. So I don’t need to put my mitts all over everything. This lovely life is sorted and I am simply enjoying the ride.

4. Who does this help? Oh me in the long run, and then consequently everyone on my radar. I like to think that if I can speak clearly and openly about my own mental health – the good, the bad and the ugly – then this might be a chance for others to do the same. I have found that talking and learning about mental health has helped me enormously – knowing that what I am going through is very common, and that while some days might be stone, many are diamonds.

5. How does this satisfy you? There’s something really nice about helping and being part of a caring and welcoming community. I know that this satisfies me no end. I feel my heart filling when I even write things like this down. Ultimately everything I do is to bring contentment to my own little mind and experience and to see how far I have come brings me no end of satisfaction and confidence.

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