Grease and Oil Change Workshops

A brain and body workshop for rural men and women.

In case you haven’t noticed, I have a big passion for wellbeing. Back in October 2015 I was listening to ABC radio during their Mental Health Awareness Month and decided it was so important to bring an event, along the vein of mental wellbeing, to my hometown of Trundle. I knew there was lots of info out there, but I wanted to bring it closer to home (literally.)

This year – five years and four events later – my friend Melissa Brown and I (plus a band of merry helpers, supportive friends and family) are bringing our Grease and Oil Change Workshops to Trundle and Forbes.

There are two things I need to get off my chest:
1. Attending these events does not mean that you have a mental health issue. You don’t need to be in crisis to come along. But imagine how improved your language and understanding is going to be – and how that is going to help people.
2. These events are made for men and women. Farming and non farming. Rural and non-rural. This info is for everyone who likes to look after themselves and their close ones.

And so for the drum roll…

We are thrilled to have secured the services (that sounds a bit formal) but nevertheless, two rip snorting speakers and authors are coming out west to share their stories. 

You might already know Georgie Dent and Craig Hamilton. Cue applause…

Georgie Dent is a journalist, author and one of the leading voices for women in Australia. At the completion of university in 2005 she joined a major commercial law firm in Sydney and was admitted as a lawyer before having a complete nervous breakdown at the ripe old age of 24. After recovering from that, including a stint in a rehab facility, she rebuilt her health and pursued a career in journalism. She is the contributing editor of Women’s Agenda, a columnist in The Sun Herald & The Age on Sunday, contributes to Marie Claire, appears regularly on television and is a passionate advocate for gender equality and mental health. Her first book, a memoir titled Breaking Badly, was published in May 2019 and was reprinted on the same day due to ‘unprecedented’ demand. 

You can see Georgie, who was on The Project HERE

Craig Hamilton started his career as a broadcaster with ABC Radio in 1994. Since then Craig has covered Rugby League, Rugby Union and Cricket at international level as a commentator. Craig is probably best known as a member of the “Grandstand” Rugby League commentary team. In 2000, Craig was hospitalised after suffering a public psychotic episode. He was later diagnosed with Bipolar 1 Disorder. The experience was traumatic, but encouraged Craig to speak up and challenge the stigma associated with mental illness and health. He spent 12 days in hospital and, since his recovery, has become one of Australia’s most high-profile speakers on Mental Health, Lifestyle and Wellbeing.

Georgie and Craig will be speaking at both Trundle and Forbes. And did I mention that the events are FREE?!

Where: Trundle Memorial Hall
When: Thursday, Feb 20 2020 at 9am
Where: Forbes Town Hall
When: Thursday, Feb 20 2020 at 6pm

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