Let’s Get Better Acquainted…

This week I have the pleasure of introducing you to Kristy Butler. This girl likes to keep on the ‘down low’ so I was amazed and thrilled when she agreed to this conversation.

I worked closely with Kristy when I was a boarding supervisor at Red Bend Catholic College and I really miss her. She and I clicked from day one. I immediately felt safe and confident in her company and there were many shifts when I cried with her, and hugged her till I thought we would both squeeze the life out of each other. 

There is a real openness that comes when you have teenage girls in your care – it was often like Kristy and I were re-living our youth. When a young girl was homesick, or having troubles with friends, or reaching out for some guidance, Kristy always knew the right thing to say. She is no frills and no fuss. She has as much sass as anyone I know, which meant the girls (and I) often heard the words ‘nope’ or ‘don’t be ridiculous’ when one of our ideas weren’t on the money.

Kristy has a genuine love for others and she is the greatest empath I know. She feels things deeply and is always searching for answers to this life that is thrown her way. If you want to be her friend after reading this, then I completely understand (but take a number!!)

Over to you Kristy…(oh and I put my two bobs worth in as well – I can’t help myself!) 

Your full Name: Kristy Lee Butler.

Most thought about thought: I am always thinking about the next holiday. 

Previous conditions/ ailments/ medical history: I recently had the cartilage realigned in my nose. Let’s just say I still snore!! (Massive fail on that front – you poor thing.)
If you could have anything in the world to eat tonight: Thai Chilli Basil Prawns. (Kristy’s partner Brad is the best cook in the world, so I think an ideal world would be him cooking it for her…am I right?!)
Your personal hygiene/ beauty regime: Shower every night before bed. And in the day it’sBB cream and mascara. (I get the BB cream thing but as for showering?! I like to minimise my time under water!!)
One thing you always throw into the shopping trolley: Mint Pattie. (Do they still make those things? They were sold at the Trundle Pool circa 1985.)
Current girl crush: Cherie Stitt- inspirational. (Well the feeling is mutual. I was tempted to delete this bit but then I thought, ‘bugger it’, she loves me!!)

Current boy crush: Ian Somerhalder – dreamy. (I had to google this fella. And you’re right Kristy, he is very easy on the eyes.)
Favourite line/quote: “No beauty shines brighter than that of a good heart, be kind always.” (Seems like you take this one to heart Kristy.)
Thing that brings out the best in you: My children. (Awww…)
Gadget to beat all gadgets: My hair straightener. (If you ask me, these things are a death trap, but Kristy seems to be a natural with the hair do’s.)

Most recent change you made: Allowing time for myself. (I delved into this a bit deeper and asked Kristy how she is doing this…and she said it’s the mental space she is giving herself – taking time to clear her head. And journalling, lots of journalling.)

Best news ever received: That my brother was still alive after a major car accident.

Thing that confuses you the most: Letters in maths. (Amen sister! Why mix the two subjects when they are perfectly fine on their own?!)
Question that you are most often asked: “What’s for dinner?” (I reckon you should answer “Ask your dad!”)

Your current job description: Girls’ Boarding Co-ordinator at RBCC (and it’s like this job was made for Kristy – she has just the right nature, she is able to have fun with the girls but pulls rank when needed. They are in such good hands.) as well as starting my own little side hustle ZULU Braiding where I get to create fun braids for young girls in Forbes.
The philosophy behind what you currently do: I want to help guide young girls to be confident young women and to be the very best version of themselves. (Can you believe this is almost exactly the same as my vision?! This is getting weird man…)

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