The Courage Hangover

Hello my friends,

I’ve gone to ground over the past few days – a dear friend referred to this as a ‘courage hangover.’ You see I shared my own mental health story (it was the abridged version) in front of the 230 or so peeps who came out to the Grease and Oil Change events in Trundle and Forbes. I’ll come back up for some socialisation soon, but in the meantime I am keeping things quiet and simple.

Now that I have had my own Grease and Oil Change, I am excited to see where the rest of the year takes me. I have a real fear of burn out that I am working through – been there, done that and wouldn’t recommend it. So to start getting my head in the right frame of mind, and to work out where I want my life to head, I have been working on a few simple practices.

The first is a ‘Past Year Review’ which Tim Ferris suggests. 

It’s basically looking at your calendar from the previous week, month or year (I got out last year’s calendar and went from Jan to Dec) and listed everything I took part in – yep, from family get togethers, business activities to commitments with Lenny – and popped them in either a ‘Positives‘ or ‘Negatives’ column. This is based on how I felt as I reflected back – did these commitments light me up or leave me feeling flat? Where they something that I did out of obligation or were they a conscious choice?

Then based on that review, I worked out the top events for each column – so the ‘most powerful peaks’ as Tim calls them. Here’s a little snap shot:

Hosting Q & A workshops in The Back Room.
Attending female centred events/ online courses to learn new skills.
One on one catch ups with friends (and I even listed the friends who I want to see more of, on a regular basis.)
Family get-togethers.
Solo day trips to Orange.
Daily meditation.
Daily yoga.
Writing this newsletter.
Grease and Oil Change Workshops.
Aryuvedic consultations.
Sharing my story of mental health.

Attending random events (that are not listed above!)
Hosting workshops that aren’t aligned with my values.
Attending large group activities.
Saying ‘yes’ out of obligation.
The ‘Big Talk Walk’.
Over booking The Back Room for events.
Volunteering my time for things that don’t make my heart sing.
Putting myself in the ‘fixer’ role. 

I have kept these lists on my current calendar as a reminder to stop and think about which column an invitation or opportunity might fall. It’s really helping me with decision making and helping carve out a path where I support myself first and then look at how the rest just falls into place.

I am at the stage where I am looking for a bit of clarity and the direction I am heading with The Back Room, so I have signed up for another round of learning with Meg Berryman. I cannot recommend Meg’s work highly enough and this time I am enrolled in ‘Unbound’ which for me is ensuring I don’t burn out and that I continue to explore ways to ensure my business exists for me and not the other way around. This week we are working on our vision, our values and our vehicles and I came up with these pearls of wisdom…

The vision for my business:  I want to see a world where people feel loved and experience a deeply intimate relationship with themselves.

So on that note, I’ll sign off  and wish you all the best of weeks,
Love Cherie

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