An Offering: Our Weekly Check In

Hello Friends,

Thanks so much for those who got in touch after last week’s email with lovely birthday wishes. 

I have rebranded myself (with tongue planted firmly in cheek) as an ‘Expert in Uncertainty’ and one that is living and breathing her craft! I have thrived with the label of ‘generalised anxiety’ for around about 30 years – probably more if I am being honest, and now is my time to shine.

Everyday I use a combo of different tricks to help me live comfortably with my fears and anxiety – rather than living despite it – and if it wasn’t for experimenting – trying new techniques, letting them go, picking them up again, then who knows what sort of shape I would be in right now. I feel like I have done an apprenticeship in ‘Overwhelm 101’ and I have the thesis, maintained a distinction average and graduated with first class honours. 

And now it’s time to share what I know…

Today I want to invite you to join me in ‘Our Weekly Check In; Movement, breathing, meditation and connection’  for an hour once a week, over the next five weeks. I have been trialing this format with my gorgeous Book Club friends – call them my fluffy guinea pigs – and it seems to be working a treat – we are coming away feeling seen, heard, supported and more settled.

Here’s a snap shot of ‘Our Weekly Check In’ plan:

Each week: Practice: (30 mins)
Welcome | Check in and body scan.
Breathing | Simple practices to ground us and come back into our bodies.
Movement | Gentle yoga poses (suitable in a chair or on a mat) to become aware of our physicality.
Meditation | Guided sessions of awareness and bringing us back to a place of ease.

Focus: (15 mins)
Week 1: Communicating our fears, our feelings and our facts
Today we share practical ways to bring communication into our daily lives – for ourselves first and foremost. Drawing/ journaling/ making/ creating are all ways of navigating our thoughts and our inner voice. We will share how we can help others once we have allowed our own voice to be heard.

Week 2: Movement with Yoga
Inviting participants to practice simple yoga poses that correspond with our breath, allowing us to ground down towards the earth – the perfect antidote in unsettling times.

Week 3: Recognising natural rhythms of the day
Choosing what feels right for us, bringing some continuity and flow to our day and setting ourselves up for greatness.

Week 4: Meditation
Exploring the benefits of using stillness and a mantra to bring a sense of loving kindness to ourselves and some space and ease to our thoughts.

Week 5: Breath practices
Exploring in more depth the relationship between our breath and our nervous system, a recap of our learning as well as ‘What’s next for us?’

Each week: Take Home Practice (5 mins) 
A commitment to try something new throughout the week.

Each week: Finishing Up: (10 mins)
Questions/ comments/ observations to share with the group or a partner.

The other bits…(logistics!)
My role: I am a hand holder (virtually in this case!) and facilitator. I can create and connect us to practices but mostly my role is to connect us to ourselves and to our community. We all know what we need, but life can get a little noisy at times. Let’s take some quiet time – even if it’s one hour a week – to listen in to what we really desire.

Delivery: Via Zoom. These online meetings will be recorded and emailed to participants each week. Zoom is a cinch to use and I can help you with any tech questions as we go along. My baby boomer Mum is all over it!

Price: $150.00 for five sessions.

Time and day: Wednesdays at 10.00am, beginning Wednesday April 8, 2020. (On that note, this is a time that will work for me and having said that, if Lenny comes in on the call then I can’t wait for him to see how I am looking after myself and connecting with others during this time.)

Please send me an email at to register for ‘Our Weekly Check In’ and I can’t wait to kick this up next week.

I really hope you have a fabulous minute, hour, day, week,
Love Cherie

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