An Online Retreat for Teens

I am taking a leap of faith and putting a new workshop out into the world. Once again this is of the ‘online’ variety and this time, you guessed it, I am focusing my energy and love towards the teens in our communities. 

Each weekly online gathering will begin with breathing, moving and meditating. Why? These are three key practices to look after ourselves and to ground us – so we are in a good position to take in and absorb new information and so our ship is steady.

It will look a bit like this…

Breathing | We will do a short breathing practice – learning to take beautiful nourishing breaths. When we can tune into our breath we can calm ourselves from the inside out. Learning how to breathe, which I know sounds a bit silly, can help during times of stress.

Movement | This will look like getting more flexible in our bodies through simple movements – standing on your tippy toes anyone?! By moving our bodies, we can learn so much about ourselves – is everything just as it should be?

Meditation | I will guide you to relax – and you might even fall asleep! You don’t need to be a hippie to find the ways of slowing down our thoughts helpful and meditating leads to a clearer mind, better sleep, living longer and of course happiness.

And then it’ll be time to focus on the theme of the week.

Week 1: You’re The Voice. Let’s get to the nitty gritty of what makes you unique and totally wonderful.

Week 2: I Gotta Feeling. Why don’t we get curious and take a look at all of the feelings we experience at different times, and look at how to express them.

Week 3: Love The One You’re With. No two people are exactly the same and will react differently in every situation. It’s time to get to know, and then fall in love with, yourself.

Week 4: Wish You Well. Let’s explore the idea of dropping the comparisons, worrying what other people think and most importantly easing the expectations that we have of ourselves.

Week 5: I Dreamed a Dream. It’s an exciting time to think big, send projects out into the universe and imagine all of the possibilities.


The other bits…(logistics!)
Time and day: Five consecutive Saturdays at 10.00am, beginning Saturday May 9, and including May 16, May 23, May 30 and June 6 2020.

My role: I am a helper and a teacher. I love working with teens – which is probably why I stuck with Secondary Teaching for such a long time, and then I worked at the local boarding school with teens in their home away from home.

Delivery: Via Zoom. If you haven’t used it before then don’t worry it’s a cinch. If my Mum can use it then you are a ‘shoe in’!

Price: $88.00 which includes:
A live Zoom group session each Saturday morning at 10am (which will be recorded if you sleep in.)
A weekly email with resources and links to conversation starters and thought prompts.
Gathering with like minded teens who are interested in finding out more about life – just as you are.
Feedback, should you wish to submit any thoughts or ideas to mull over.
Special guests who share their own stories of wellbeing and the path they are on.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does it matter which year I am in at secondary school?

Absolutely not – the more range we have the better. The young ones will learn from the older participants and the younger students will be chuffed to be in the older ones’ company. We’re all in this together.

What if I have dodgy WiFi?

No worries, you can watch the Zoom sessions with just ‘audio’ so there is less data used with the video on.

What if I want to join but don’t have the money?

Don’t let money stop you – send me an email at and we will work it out.

What can I tell my carers or parents to convince me that this is a great thing to spend our money on?

Well I think it’s best to have a chat with your guardians about how you feel this will make an impact on your life – both now and in the future. Talking about our feelings is a great strategy for mental health; gathering on line with like minded people builds community and connection; new tools and tricks are helpful when stressful situations come along; we will be developing a great relationship with ourselves so we can then share our ideas with others. And if that doesn’t work, tell them that the world needs a bit more love.


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