“Psychologically Taxing Is An Understatement.”

Hello Friends,

(The title of this week’s letter comes directly from Jocelyn K Glei – I’m not even able to come up with my own title this week, so that’s saying something!)

I feel like I have been building my resilience muscle over a long period of time, and this has been in the form of a regular meditation practice. It’s really been coming into its own during this time of uncertainty. And before you go ‘Not another person banging on about meditation’ then I ask that you read on a little longer. Because of course I too was that sceptic not so long ago. When I started going to yoga classes, the meditation bit at the end was optional (at least I think that’s what the teacher said) so rather than lie in awkward stillness, I would jump up and off that mat faster than you could say ‘savasana’ and I was outta there…people to see, breakdowns to be had.

Being still for any length of time – and I’m talking five minutes originally – would result in a very stressful experience. There was no one more tightly wound than me and I was in pain when I sat with my discomfort. But you know, little by little things became a little less painful and I began experimenting. At first the apps were great – they could guide me – and then I tried online meditation practices and of course I went to a couple of ‘in person’ ones too – that was a pretty big step (I was imagining my foot tapping and head spinning was putting the other meditators off.)

But nothing bad actually happens when I meditate. Sure, I still have fidgety moments, and some days when Lenny comes and starts a wrestle, just as I am finding my mojo can be difficult, but all in all I have cracking meditations rather than rubbish ones. And the other thing I try to remember is that it’s not the actual practice that matters, it’s the benefits I feel in the hours and days afterwards.

My current practice is to meditate for 20 minutes – pretty soon after waking – and that sets me up for the day. Then sometime in the afternoon I will crack on for another 20 minutes of meditating. I will use a guided meditation sometimes, but more often than not these days I like the quiet so I sit still, do some breathing to begin with and let go. It’s peaceful and I don’t have to try.

So if you’re interested (have I sold it yet?!) then here are a couple of pointers to get started…

Meditating looks however it looks – sitting, lying, cross legged, straight legged, who cares?

Meditating is something that is a practice – so like nailing a poached egg. The more you do it the easier it gets.

Meditating is probably the single most beneficial thing in bringing some calm to my life – and that also means bringing my generalised anxiety to some kind of sweet spot. Yes, I too have been on medication so I get that these things can work together.

I have found that for a practice to last the distance, I like to form some kind of connection with the teacher or the group – so here are my recommendations if you want to move forward in the yoga and meditation sphere at this time…

My ‘go to’ yogi for a weekly practice is Robyn Lynch in Cowra – here is her info regarding yoga classes that are currently held online. I have been doing the Wednesday morning practice, which is nice and early, but boy it’s a great way to start the day.

Robyn is also offering free weekly meditation on a Wednesday night if this interests you. All of the details are on Robyn’s newsletter and you can sign up HERE.

Yoga with Adriene is offering gorgeous free practices as well – and she can be found HERE on Youtube.

Nikki and Kevin Janks run ‘Centred Meditation’ and they are based in Sydney. All of their classes are run online now, so it’s a perfect way to drop into some beautiful classes. They also have a meditation app if that is your jam.

Have a wonderful week,

Love Cherie

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