Recommendations from a Friend

Yaama Friends,

Each month I trot out a smattering of recommendations… it’s kind of my ‘cheat week’ when it comes to newsletter writing because I don’t have to think too hard. Having said that, all of these recommendations are here because they have touched a nerve of some kind. This time around I think I have shed a tear during most of these experiences (including eating the croissants!) 

Before I go on, I know that there is a lot going on for many of us at the moment and if you are feeling sad or lonely or worried then please reach out to a friend or contact Beyond Blue by giving them a buzz on 1300 224 636.

Here are the things that have stopped me in my tracks:

Streaming Powderfinger’s One Night Lonely Concert on Saturday night. While my heart was beating extra fast for Bernard Fanning, it was the memories that got me! I had the same intense, almost euphoric feelings from when I saw them live back in the day. Oh if only I knew in 2001 how significant that first trip to Splendour In The Grass was going to be for the rest of my life. It’s been the soundtrack to so much of my growing up. I love these guys (and the fact that $400K has been raised for Beyond Blue and Support Act blows my mind.)

Journalling after listening and using the prompts from Meg Berryman about what I want the new normal to look like. I put ‘I do…’ at the top of one page and ‘I don’t…’ at the top of another and proceeded to riff on about all the things that I do love about being socially isolated, as well as the things that I don’t want to go back to once the restrictions are lifted. Let’s just say that things are looking a lot simpler and I will happily take on the ‘homebody’ title.

Connecting with dear friends via the actual phone (and once in person) and making a conscious effort to put these gutsy and real relationships first. 

Learning more about anxiety and the effect that it has on the body – thanks to a short sharp episode of the Lockdown Chronicles podcast with Geraldine Doogue and Judith Hoare.  It explores the work of Claire Weekes and was really informative. A great look at anxiety in context of the Coronavirus.

Eating so many Hazelnut Frangipane Croissants from the Girragirra family establishment here at Forbes. Inside each masterpiece is a chunk of rich dark chocolate, sitting at the floor of the croissant. You should see Lenny’s eyes light up when he sees me cutting one open! 

Giving away flowers and pak choi from the garden is giving me lots of joy – both the growing and the giving –  and I imagine pak choi is going pretty well in stir fries and curries. (I think pak choi is the same as bok choy, but I can’t be sure.)

Reading the memoir of the two Duplass brothers – Mark and Jay – called ‘Like Brothers’. I don’t read a lot of memoirs by men (go figure?!) but this is a really interesting and refreshing yarn about their relationship, how they create together and their feelings. I loved Mark Duplass in The Morning Wars show and they were both interviewed by Brene Brown on her podcast recently. 

Cooking this Chicken Vietnamese Meatball Soup, but this week I’m going to simply make the soup part and add some sliced chicken and cook that in the broth. A little less fussy than the meatballs perhaps. Oh and I’ll throw in a bit of greenery from the garden for good measure.

Have a wonderful week,

Love Cherie

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