Breathing. Moving. Meditating.

This week I have a simple offering of a get together on Saturday morning, June 13. It is a chance for our community – wherever you live – to come together and breathe, move and meditate. This is a mixture of some lovely restorative postures, movements and practices that will help us feel grounded and alive.

It will be delivered via Zoom, so you can join from the comfort of your own lounge room, in your pj’s and with a cuppa in hand.

A few key points to get us going:

Commitment: The whole practice goes for 45 minutes and I will be on the line from 7.50am to say g’day and then start the class at 8am.

Zoom: This is the platform we’ll be using to connect – if you haven’t used Zoom before, it’s a cinch. You will need to download it and all the instructions can be found here:  Downloading Zoom for the first time.

Our Zoom login details for this practice:
Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 823 1722 5972

(On the topic of Zoom, I tend to offer participants the chance to have the video off – it means the internet connection is better and you don’t have the distraction of other faces on the screen – so you can be more aware of your own space and feelings.)

The practice:
We will be moving from a chair or a cushion on the floor – whatever feels most comfy for you. (A chair without wheels is ideal.)
Breathing  – awareness of our breath – 8 mins
Moving – stretching and balancing –  25 mins
Meditating – some time for stillness – 7 mins
Finishing up – coming back together for a yarn – 5 mins 

Your space: Creating a nice calm and creative space is a great way to prepare. I do this by finding a quiet spot in the house, moving away all of the stuff that I don’t need and then bringing in things to make things really comfy – like a good chair and a special cushion. You do you! It always helps to let other people in the house know that you’ll be doing something special and that you don’t want to be disturbed.

This Saturday morning: Perhaps you might be feeling shy and a bit nervous… I know I do when I start something new…so it’s a very valid feeling to have. I will be online at 7.50am (10 mins early) so that will be a chance for you to jump on and say hello before we begin at 8am.

Cost: There’s no charge for this practice.

RSVP: No need, unless you like to for personal accountability (I’m a bit like that!) Just send me a quick message by replying to this email.

Any questions? Be sure to ‘reply’ to this email and I will answer them with joy. 

See ya’ll Saturday morning,
Love Cherie

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