Buy One, Give One

I’ve got something exciting to share today…It’s called ‘Buy One, Give One’ and it’s a joint venture with my friend Sharon Degeling. (We’re calling ourselves ‘Shaz and Chez’)

Together we are making and selling reusable face masks and using our skills to contribute to our community. 

Exhibit A! The first mask off the machine!
  • We are a couple of dear friends who have started this project because we:
  • ~ Really enjoy each other’s company.
  • ~ Feel in a privileged position to offer support to vulnerable people in our community.
  • ~ Don’t mind a challenge!

This is how it works: 
Each purchase will cost you $30.00. For your money you receive one mask and one is given away. This means that each mask is actually $15.00 each and we do the work of delivering and gifting the extra mask to someone in our community who is at risk and/or more vulnerable.
Each time we have a batch of masks made and ready to go, we will offer a limited number via this website.
We will have a range of colours in small and large.
For each face mask purchased, you receive one mask and one mask is donated directly to a local organisation that can then distribute masks to their people in need…Buy One, Give One.
This week we are donating each ‘gifted’ face mask to the Wiradjuri Dreaming Centre in Forbes, next week to CatholicCare Wilcannia-Forbes.

Each mask is hand made in Shaz’s house, using 100% cotton.
The masks are double sided and have been sewn on Shaz’s beautiful Mum’s sewing machine.
Each mask is made of three separate layers – the outside two layers made of cotton and the middle layer of flannelette.
The side ties are made of soft stretch cotton and are adjustable.
Mask Measurements:
Small: 14cm from top to bottom at the front.
Medium: 16cm from top to bottom at the front.

Stay tuned for our online store!
Please select carefully as there are no refunds.
Collecting or Sending:
We are being mindful of our time and resources so ask you to pick up your order from 235 Edward Street, Forbes (It’s on the road to JRV and you don’t even have to get out of your car!!)
Collection time:
Friday 10am – 11am
If you would like to receive your mask in the mail, we will charge an extra $8.00 for postage. Easy peasy. Posting will be on Wednesday and Friday as well.

For the latest advice on wearing a reusable face mask, please refer to the WHO website HERE.
To look after your reusable mask, please hand wash in warm soapy water, hand squeeze excess water and hang to dry.
We have been inspired mostly by our mothers, Rose and Karen. They made us, they created our life and they made us creative. We also love ideas created by Two Good Co, Girragirra and Dixie Crawford (to name a few.)

We would love to hear from you. How about an email if you would like to get in touch.
See you soon,
Love Cherie

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