Wow! We Really Are Making A Difference.

Yaama Friends,

Thanks so much for your wonderful support of our ‘Buy One, Give One’ project from last week. Shaz and I have been able to donate 27 masks to people in our community who might not have the resources to buy one themselves.

We delivered a batch to Aunty Aileen at the Wiradjuri Dreaming Centre on Thursday and are now working with CatholicCare for the next delivery. CatholicCare Wilcannia-Forbes provides a broad range of programs and services caring for the wellbeing of individuals, families and communities, especially the vulnerable and at risk.

I cannot tell you how much of a kick I am getting out of this new venture. For starters, my Mum is on the job and is sewing her little heart out. We are having a hard time keeping the masks up to her! Then on Saturday I received a phone call from a lady in Cooma, asking to buy a mask (she apparently read about it on Facebook – which is a hoot, seeing as I haven’t even put it on there!) In another beautiful act of kindness, my 6 year old niece Abby cleaned out her ‘Give’ jar and gave $30 for two masks to people who can’t afford one. And I am so touched by the number of people who have simply donated masks – paying this beautiful kindness forward without the need to be publicly named or applauded. It’s true generosity.

Next week we will have new colours and a slight change in the sizing (we are calling this ‘adapting to the market’!!) We will be offering masks in a small and a medium size but you will need to hold tight ’til we launch our new range next week…

And, in what is truly a milestone, we are putting together an online shop…yes, The Back Room has moved into the 21st Century. It’s like I am now a real adult with a real business!! Actually, I am overstating this but I tell you what, when I was trying to set it up – with two friends Shelly and Lili holding my hand – I was thinking it was all a bit too much. But no! We persevered and it feels so good. Technology is still not my forte but persistence is. 

So next week you will be able to shop your heart online kids!

Stay safe and well,
Love Chez

Small Rainbow with Orange Ties
Here I am, rocking the ‘Small Rainbow with Orange Ties’

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