Recommendations from a Friend | August 2020

Yaama Friends,

Firstly, thanks to those people who emailed with comments after last week’s letter and my story about alcohol. That piece took a bit of gas out of the tank so this week I have decided to showcase the wares of others.

Here is what I have been soaking up (and in) of late:

Marvelling at Barack Obama’s speech at the Democratic Convention.I just wish I could vote in the American election. (Not really.)

Planning theGrease and Oil Change Workshops, which are the annual mental health workshops I organise, with Melissa Brown. It looks like we’ll be taking these babies online in February 2021 (which will mean the events are actually cheaper to run…so that’s a bonus!) It’s also opened up a whole host of potential guest speakers, from far and wide. We are in the process of booking a stellar line up of inspiring and real people who best represent rural Australians as we continue develop an understanding and a language around mental health.

Our ‘Buy One, Give One’ project is now online – you can shop your little heart out for masks and know that for each one purchased, we are giving one mask to a vulnerable member of our community.

Reading ‘Top End Girl’ by Miranda Tapsell. I would pretty much eat up anything this girl creates. She has also been creating awareness for raising the minimum age of criminal responsibility from 10 to 14 years. (Yep, kids as young as 10 can face prison terms for mistakes they make.) You can sign a petition at ‘Raise the Age’ to show your support for this law to be changed. 

Listening to Kundalini mantras on Spotify. I simply searched ‘Kundalini’ and a whole host of beautiful soothing tunes has arrived in my ear holes. It’s particularly beautiful to listen to as the day is beginning and it sets a really calm tone in the house.

Journalling in a special book that I made in a workshop led by Jo Laurie in Parkes. It’s in the form of a free for all smash-book kind of offering (google it!) and it’s more of an artwork than a traditional journal. In it I have been writing, painting, drawing, doodling and messing. It’s a beautiful way to let thoughts and feelings go. This week I followed Penny Todman’s suggestions and found, that just as Penny suggests, the feeling of pride raises our vibration (which to me means that I am humming at the frequency that I was born to hum.)
Here are Penny’s journaling prompts:

  • What are you truly proud of yourself for attempting/ achieving? 
  • What is something you have done that took courage? 
  • How did it feel to be courageous? 
  • What holds you back from being courageous? 
  • Who can support you to overcome this, and feel the fear but do it anyways? 
  • What do you want to manifest moving into the new moon cycle? 

Dining out. Just when I thought my dining out days were done for 2020! I had a wonderful experience at Antica Australis in nearby ye-oldy-worldy Carcoar. I loved the whole relaxed vibe, the beautiful building and the simplicity of the food. And I really enjoyed being inside while the misty rain fell outside.

Eating from this beautiful bowl (see below) which is hand made right here in Forbes by gorgeous Shelly at SCID Studio. (Shelly also sells the range of ‘Who Gives a Crap’ toot paper, tissues and kitchen towel and is branching into a few more sustainable products for the home.)

The perfect vessel for porridge. By Shelly Campton at SCID Studio.

Practising my meditation a couple of times a day. If you need guidance, maybe you have been hearing this word ‘meditation’ popping up and would like to suss it out, then a great place to start is with Robyn Lynch. She has been instrumental in setting me up with a regular meditation and is offering her Meditation Course – Bringing Meditation Down to Earth – beginning on September 7. It’s online on Monday nights and is a supportive and easy way to kick off this habit.

Joining the dots between this story of St Kilda player Robert Muir and many of today’s NRL Indigenous players. See what you think…

Watching‘Motherland’ on ABC iview. It’s triggering but I am finding it laugh out loud-ish. There is a second season about to be launched this week, so hop to it. (If you want to get a handle on it in one episode, then I highly recommend ‘The Pool Party’.)

Pondering my privilege. The fact that I have time to be able to look after myself, assume that I will have my basic needs met, write this newsletter and hang out with Lenny is a gift. I have been born into this situation – through no doing of my own – and I also have the chance to support others and create a community of true connection and change. (How about that for a personal pep talk?) This article ‘What’s Good Right Now?’ from UK author Marianne Power spoke to me in the same vein.

Stay safe and well,
Love Chez

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