Effortless Meditation; A beginner’s guide for rural people.

Join in the new course being offered on four consecutive Wednesday mornings, beginning March 10, 2021.

Meditation at Smoko Time

Are you interested in becoming a regular meditator? Perhaps you have been hearing about meditation and have never quite known where to begin (or how to make it stick!) If you are interested in bringing meditation into your daily routine – and therefore bringing more benefits to your wellbeing – then this four week course is just the ticket.

“Why meditate when I have so many other things on my plate?” I hear you. This is what I too thought – I don’t have time. It’s amazing how meditation has helped me to manage my time, and my feelings of overwhelm. Meditation lowers our heart rate, settles the breath and allows the body to become more relaxed. This means, for me, that I can make great decisions about my time and how I want to spend it.

You are invited to join me, over four consecutive Wednesday mornings in March of 2021, to learn of the simplicity of Effortless Meditation.

Each session will run for 30 – 40 minutes. We will begin with a little bit of information about the Effortless Meditation practice, you will then be guided in a 20 – 30 minute Effortless Meditation and we will finish the time with a discussion and answering of any questions that arise.
Also included in this program is an extra weekly guided meditations, designed by Cherie and specific to this group, so you can practise at times that are convenient for you. As well, there will be support provided throughout the four week course.

Time ~ 40 minutes each Wednesday morning, starting at 10am, in March. The perfect time to come inside, grab a cuppa for smoko and treat yourself to the delights of meditation.

Delivery ~ All sessions will be held via Zoom and recorded for you.

Dates ~
Session 1: Wednesday March 10, 2021
Session 2:  Wednesday March 17, 2021
Session 3: Wednesday March 24, 2021
Session 4: Wednesday March 31, 2021

Themes ~
Session 1: Why meditation? What are you looking for? How do you feel now? How do you want to feel?

Session 2: The ins and outs of Effortless Meditation.

Session 3: What does the Science say? Including answering the common question “How long and how often do I need to meditate to get the benefits?”

Session 4: Setting us up to continue with a regular practice and acknowledging the benefits that are felt outside of a meditation session.

Cost ~ $140.00 per person via direct debit (bank details will be provided once you have registered)

For further information and/ or to register ~ Please send me an email to cherie@thebackroomforbes.com.