Effortless Meditation; Just for rural people.

Effortless Meditation

Are you interested in meditation? Perhaps you have been hearing about meditation and have never quite known where to begin (or how to make it stick!) If you are interested in bringing meditation into your daily routine – and therefore bringing more benefits to your wellbeing – then this is the practice for you.

“Why meditate when I have so many other things on my plate?” I hear you. This is what I too thought – I don’t have time. It’s amazing how meditation has helped me to manage my time, and my feelings of overwhelm. Meditation lowers our heart rate, settles the breath and allows the body to become more relaxed. This means, for me, that I can make great decisions about my time and how I want to spend it.

You can choose to be a part of a small group or meditate one on one with me. This way we check in regularly with each other and make sure that you are receiving the benefits of Effortless Meditation right from the very start – there is no warming up or time to wait!

You might like to begin with one of our Friday Night Nidra Meditations here in The Back Room. I’m hosting one on Friday June 18, and the next one will be Friday July 16, 2021. Here are all the details…

And if you would rather learn to meditate one on one, or in a group – then here’s some info that might get you over the line…

Common themes for each weekly meditation session ~
Session 1: Why meditation? What are you looking for? How do you feel now and how you want to feel. And my experiences with meditating.

Session 2: The ins and outs of Effortless Meditation and the science behind it. What actually happens to your brain and body while you meditate.

Session 3: Emotional De-Programming. This is when we look at thoughts and those that are conscious and sub conscious…a lot of which comes from our experiences earlier in life. We see how meditation allows us to move through whatever has been holding us back.

Session 4: Stress and meditation. Together we can identify the stress cycles you are in and how meditation can help in moving through these cycles.

Session 5: Setting you up for a regular practice – all the common questions (and answers!)

For further information and to find out more about Effortless Meditation ~ Please send me an email to cherie@thebackroomforbes.com or give me a buzz on 0411057745 and we can go from there.