Gatherings in The Back Room

I’m looking forward to holding so many more gatherings in The Back Room. Be sure to sign up to my weekly letter to see what’s coming up.

Friday Night Nidra Meditation

Let’s do a Friday night a bit differently. I am so excited to be opening up The Back Room for a special mediation night on Friday June 18, 2021.

This is a perfect experience if you are new to meditation and want to dip your toes in, and also if you have been meditating for a while and would like to try something new.

All of the details are below and you can click on the link to RSVP. I can’t wait! 

An Afternoon in The Back Room with Brooke McAlary

The very delightful Brooke McAlary will be live in conversation in The Back Room on Sunday July 11. She is a podcaster of ‘The Slow Home Podcast’ and the author of the brand new book ‘Care; The Radical Art of Taking Time.‘ She and I will be catching up on old times, with you as our real life friends.

The details in a nutshell:
The Back Room
Sunday July 11, 2021 at 3pm (till about 5pm)
Join us for a cuppa, afternoon tea, rich conversation and book signings.

Radical Self Care for Rural Women with Robyn Lynch


Sunday May 30, 2021

Robyn Lynch

My good friend and generous, smart soul Robyn Lynch from Cowra is coming to The Back Room this Sunday, May 30. She’s going to run a women’s workshop (just for us in the bush!) from 10am – 1pm and it’s going to be fabulous. This is the first workshop we’ve had in The Back Room for ages, so it’s fitting that it’s with Robyn.

I often reference Robyn is this letter – she is a yoga teacher and an Aryuvedic practitioner and a really good friend. She’s basically a wealth of knowledge when it comes to helping people find out and then know themselves. It’s the opposite approach to a ‘one size fits all’ and definitely flies in the face of fads. Robyn is a wonderful listener and support person and the Aryuvedic principles she uses are based on thousands of years of practice.

I can personally vouch for the amazing work that Robyn does and she has certainly helped me along the way, many times, in finding out how my body works, the food that nourishes it, the exercise that suits my body type (which, by the way, is the skinny, wiry and windy type!) and how my lifestyle choices can also be slightly adjusted to suit my needs. It was through the interactions with Robyn that I have learnt how to slow down, say no to anything that’s not a good match and to look after myself. I am so in tune with things like my digestion, my daily rhythms and how I live and give in the world.

It’s through my conversations with Robyn that I have really found relief and comfort in knowing that by loosening my grip, things will sort themselves out. I no longer live in an anxious state all the time. Just when it’s appropriate!

I highly recommend this as a morning for yourselves. I’ll be there taking it all in again – like I was the first time I went to a workshop with Robyn.