Here I am with my sister Wendy.

What is (and who is in)The Back Room?

Located on Wiradjuri Country, Forbes Australia, this light-filled and calm space has been lovingly put together by Cherie Quade Stitt.

Cherie (that’s me in the stripes!) is taking the reins with this venture. I am a non-Indigenous Australian woman and I have a passion for contributing to my community. Everything that I do is based on sharing stories and creating more dialogue about mental health in rural Australia. In a former life I was a Secondary Science teacher, and now I facilitate Mind and Movement classes, meditation sessions, retreats and workshops.

First things first…

I acknowledge and recognise the Wiradjuri ancestors who have come before me and on whose land I live. I pay tribute to the past, present and future Wiradjuri people and for all that they have taught and contributed.

I am committed to using my voice for antiracism work by speaking up and calling out when I see or hear racism, by putting the voices of Indigenous Australians first – through listening and spending time learning, and by incorporating the work of Indigenous Australians into each gathering that I host in The Back Room. I understand that I will sometimes get things wrong, but I am willing to learn from my mistakes.

What’s the point of The Back Room?

Heartfelt gatherings, classes and workshops are held in the back room of our home – hence the very original name – and are open to all comers. Apart from Yoga and Meditation classes, we aim to host unique event each month or so. Food is part of the service, as are endless cups of tea (because who doesn’t love connecting over a hot cuppa?!)

What else?

Many of our events and get togethers are focussing on filling the cup of women. As we all know, when a woman is happy, strong and fulfilled, then that spreads out into the whole community of family, friends and acquaintances.

And here’s what some kind folks have said about events in The Back Room

“Hot quiches were better than cold ones :)”

Possibly my Mum

“Keep doing this. It is a magical formula Cherie xxx”

Anonymous (but I have a feeling I know who it was)

“It was a beautiful morning of women celebrating in their achievements and wisdom, of community and support, of personal stories, of triumphs and sorrows. It was simply wonderful.”

Anonymous (and I don’t’ think we’re related)