Thursday’s Pilates Timetable

9:30amReformer Circuit4:30pmPregnancy Pilates
10:30amPremium Reformer5:15pmPremium Reformer
11:15amPremium Reformer6:00pmReformer Circuit
12:00pmMums and Bubs6:45pmMen’s Rehab Circuit

The Kerin Physio Co girls have wrapped up Term 3 of Pilates. Classes for Term 4 will commence in mid October so keep an eye out here for dates to be confirmed.
All classes are in The Back Room on a Thursday.

  • Premium Reformer Pilates

These classes are for clients who have established the technique of co-ordinating core muscle activation with breath control and movement. The difficulty level of exercises is increased to include whole body exercises in varied positions to further challenge the core stabilising muscles.

  • Reformer Circuit Pilates

These are our entry level Physio Pilates classes. They are aimed at people who are in the rehabilitation phase of an injury, who are new to Pilates and those whose are still to master basic activation of their core muscles. It is essential to establish a good foundation of core control prior to progressing to more challenging exercises.

  • Men’s Rehab Pilates

Looking for a way to strengthen, improve flexibility and stop those niggling back/neck/shoulder issues? Men’s Rehab Pilates is a form of exercise that is lead by one of Kerin Physio Co’s Physiotherapists and are a highly beneficial adjunct to your physiotherapy to further facilitate core stability, soft tissue flexibility, muscle strength or endurance, and promote correct movement patterns based on your individual requirements.

To find out more about Pilates in The Back Room, contact Meg at Kerin Physio Co on 0437 749 746 visit Kerin Physio Co or email Meg at info@kerinphysio.com.au